Vocals: Camila and Allan
Guitar: Cezar
Bass: Rene
Drums: Matthew
Keyboards: Marcello


1. Intro
2. Pandora's Box
3. Broken Wings
4. God's Call
5. Sun and Moon
6. Eternal Life
7. Harmonizing the World
8. Survivor
9. Shadows and Dust
10. Rising from the Sand
11. Lords from Seas
12. The Braves from Highlands

"Harmonizing the World" is THY SYMPHONY debut album.
This Brazilian band have a interesting album full of surprises and cool elements!
We have a powerful voice by Camila and a strong voice by Allan combined with cool riffs and a interesting melody, that when we listen we identify immediately with Thy Symphony style!
If you are a big fan of this elements you have to buy this album NOW!!! :)

Score: 10/10
By: Hanna Tsepesh

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