Dyrion - Vocals
Engraved - Guitars
Zouza - Bass
Abigor - Keyboards
Samnu - Drums


1.Hymns Of Doom (intro)
2.The Angels Set our Future Appart
3.Embracing The Dark
4.Lost in Time
6.The Awakening
7.Drowned In Sadness
8.Tomorrow Dies
9.A Cursed Existence
10.Eternal Fear

*Vocals on "Embracing The Dark" by Peter Slaughter.
**Vocals on "Drowned In Sadness" and "The Awakening" by Ruby Roque.

THE SPEKTRUM are a very young band in metal scene, but they prove their skills in this amazing debut album "Daemonicus Awakening". We can find obscure lyrics, with cool riffs
combined with some dark melodies and also a very strong growls by Dyrion! We have a lot of things to discover in this album. What more can i say about this portuguese band? They are in here to stay and we will listen more of them in the future for sure, is a really true Daemonicus Awakening...

Score: 10/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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Interview with Dyrion, Engraved and Zouza -> Coming very soon ;)