Album, Demo and video of the Month - New

Hello readers!
So, this month this is my chooses for Album, Demo and Video:




I hope you like it:)
All the best and keep supporting Metal!!!
By: Hanna Tsepesh


Hello readers!
Simbiose will have a new album very soon called "Fake Dimension".
They will released this album very soon in one concert, so this is it the live poster:
Also, if you miss this concert (don´t do that ehehe) you can see them (GO![laughs]) at this dates and places:

So...keep your eyes and ears very open to this Portuguese metal band :)
I wish them all the best and good luck!!!

Future interview about this album: Very soon ;)

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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Galf - Lead Screams and Grunts
Argos - Drums, Lead Clean Vocals and Screams
Hanged - Bass
Niccollo - All guitars and Clean Vocals


1- Lord Ov The Vast Lands
2- The Mighthiest Being
3- Creatures Of Moonlight

Wow what a Demo...
I am very addicted to "Lord Ov The Vast Lands" and i really can't wait to listen their album! We have atmosphere, great work in voices and great riffs! This band is in here to stay for keep your eyes and ears to Dark Tower!!!
Score: 10/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
To listen to some DARK TOWER music and for future information go at:

Interview with Argos and Galf: Coming in next month :)

AT WAR - Review


Paul Arnold - Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar
Shawn Helsel - Vocals and all Guitars
Dave Stone - Drums


1- Assassins
2- Semper Fi
3- Make your Move
4- At War
5- Want you Dead
6- Raf
7- Deciet
8- Vengeful Eyes
9- Rape Case

For me "Infidel", is one of the best albums in this year.
Is a very complete album! This guys keep proving what they are as a band and i think the fans will love this album for sure...
Score: 10/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
To listen to some AT WAR music and for future information go at:

Interview with Paul: Coming in next month :)

Darkside of Innocence - New * Infernum Liberus EST Free Download *

Hello Readers! :)
I have a new about Darkside Of Innocence:
They have the entire album for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
Yes is true...
This is Pedro Statment and you will udnerstand why:

"Dear followers; It's such a pity to inform you that we will no longer release "Infernum Liberus EST". Unfortunately we chose not to edit "Infernum Liberus EST" (at least for now) on a CD format due to the time we took to have this album done.
We thought and decided that "Infernum Liberus EST" is now part of a distant past and that we won't waste much more time promoting it since that's practically. the only thing we've done these last 2 years.
To be precisely and to tell you more about this decision; we've lost a lot of time working on "Infernum Liberus EST", really hard as you know but in the end we realised that we really need to move on since we're now working on a new Album (can't talk much of it right now but I'll soon come with news)!
However and despite of having "Infernum Liberus EST" release cancelled, we will upload the entire "Infernum Liberus EST" album so then, all of you who interest in Darkside of Innocence is important, can download and enjoy the whole album for free.
I would really like to thank all of you, who were going to buy the album but unfortunately that was the best thing to do..."


To listen to some DARKSIDE OF INNOCENCE music and for future information go at:

By: Hanna Tsepesh

NOCTEM - Review


Beleth - Vocals
Exo - Lead Guitars
Alasthor - Guitars
Ul - Bass
Darko - Drums


1- Atlas Death
2- In The Path Of Heleim
3- Realms in Decay
4- The Sanctuary
5- The Call Of Oricalco's Horn
6- Across Heracles Towards
7- In The Aeons Of Time
8- Necropolis of Esthar's Ruins
9- Divinity (orchestral version)
10- Religious Plagues
11- Under Seas of Silence
*12- Divinity

* Bonus track

Noctem have their debut album out now called "Divinity".
Is a very interesting album with some interesting mix of metal styles, for sure they don't have afraid to try something different!
For sure we will listen more about them in the future...
Score: 8/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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