NOCTEM - Review


Beleth - Vocals
Exo - Lead Guitars
Alasthor - Guitars
Ul - Bass
Darko - Drums


1- Atlas Death
2- In The Path Of Heleim
3- Realms in Decay
4- The Sanctuary
5- The Call Of Oricalco's Horn
6- Across Heracles Towards
7- In The Aeons Of Time
8- Necropolis of Esthar's Ruins
9- Divinity (orchestral version)
10- Religious Plagues
11- Under Seas of Silence
*12- Divinity

* Bonus track

Noctem have their debut album out now called "Divinity".
Is a very interesting album with some interesting mix of metal styles, for sure they don't have afraid to try something different!
For sure we will listen more about them in the future...
Score: 8/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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