Vocals: Camila and Allan
Guitar: Cezar
Bass: Rene
Drums: Matthew
Keyboards: Marcello


1. Intro
2. Pandora's Box
3. Broken Wings
4. God's Call
5. Sun and Moon
6. Eternal Life
7. Harmonizing the World
8. Survivor
9. Shadows and Dust
10. Rising from the Sand
11. Lords from Seas
12. The Braves from Highlands

"Harmonizing the World" is THY SYMPHONY debut album.
This Brazilian band have a interesting album full of surprises and cool elements!
We have a powerful voice by Camila and a strong voice by Allan combined with cool riffs and a interesting melody, that when we listen we identify immediately with Thy Symphony style!
If you are a big fan of this elements you have to buy this album NOW!!! :)

Score: 10/10
By: Hanna Tsepesh

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Interview with all the band: Coming very soon ;)


Hello readers!
Like some of you know I have a new page in my webzine called "SUPPORT and PARTNERSHIPS".
I create this page to support more the bands with their banners, for my Partnerships with labels and also for supporting some causes, Radios, Designers, other webzines, etc.
Speaking about webzines I like to speak about DaemonivM webzine.
This Portuguese webzine is super cool and they want to help the Metal bands so much like i want to help them in here.
I would like to thank to Hugo Guerreiro from DaemonivM for their amazing new about my webzine and also my work and for supporting so much the metal bands from our country!

Finally i want to wish all the guys that accept the support and partnerships with my webzine a big success and all the best for them and... together we are more stronger to help the metal bands around the world!!! :-)

By: Hanna Tsepesh

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QANTICE - Review


Vince - Vocals
Tony - Guitars, bass and orchestration
Yosh - Violin
Aurélien - Drums (live)


- John Lang, from Naheulband: Bohdran, Ulean Pipe

- Justine Descamps: Baroque Flute, Oboe

- Dimitri Halby, from O'Brothers: Cross Flute

- Tomaz Boucherifi-Kadiou, from TornaoD: Tin Whisle

- Carole Alcantara, from Oniromancy : Lyrical Voice

- Céline Devraine, from Belyscendre : Lyrical Voice

- Vincent Thévenet, from 1,618: Lyrical Voice

- Cyril Verez: Bass


1. Budding From The Mist
2. Head Over Worlds
3. Pirates
4. Megantrop
5. Ocean Eclipse
6. The Hero That You Need
7. Burial Wave
8. The Question
9. Best In The Well
10. The Least Worst Ending

Fantastic power metal band from France! They present us with a amazing journey into their world! We can find a fantastic elements in this album and more you listen the more you discover! We really can feel in another space of Universe! This is a very talent band with a great future...

Score: 10/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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Dyrion - Vocals
Engraved - Guitars
Zouza - Bass
Abigor - Keyboards
Samnu - Drums


1.Hymns Of Doom (intro)
2.The Angels Set our Future Appart
3.Embracing The Dark
4.Lost in Time
6.The Awakening
7.Drowned In Sadness
8.Tomorrow Dies
9.A Cursed Existence
10.Eternal Fear

*Vocals on "Embracing The Dark" by Peter Slaughter.
**Vocals on "Drowned In Sadness" and "The Awakening" by Ruby Roque.

THE SPEKTRUM are a very young band in metal scene, but they prove their skills in this amazing debut album "Daemonicus Awakening". We can find obscure lyrics, with cool riffs
combined with some dark melodies and also a very strong growls by Dyrion! We have a lot of things to discover in this album. What more can i say about this portuguese band? They are in here to stay and we will listen more of them in the future for sure, is a really true Daemonicus Awakening...

Score: 10/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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Interview with Dyrion, Engraved and Zouza -> Coming very soon ;)


Hello Readers!

I have an excellent new about Cradle Of Filth!

Avelina De Moray ask me to help her with this new, so keep your eyes open to this video:

Cradle Of Filth Competition - Win a signed Canvas

Thank you and good luck :)
By: Hanna Tsepesh

ALBUM / EP of the month! 1-7-09

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By: Hanna Tsepesh