Hello readers!
Like some of you know I have a new page in my webzine called "SUPPORT and PARTNERSHIPS".
I create this page to support more the bands with their banners, for my Partnerships with labels and also for supporting some causes, Radios, Designers, other webzines, etc.
Speaking about webzines I like to speak about DaemonivM webzine.
This Portuguese webzine is super cool and they want to help the Metal bands so much like i want to help them in here.
I would like to thank to Hugo Guerreiro from DaemonivM for their amazing new about my webzine and also my work and for supporting so much the metal bands from our country!

Finally i want to wish all the guys that accept the support and partnerships with my webzine a big success and all the best for them and... together we are more stronger to help the metal bands around the world!!! :-)

By: Hanna Tsepesh

To know more about DaemonivM work go at:

To see my new page for SUPPORT and PARTNERSHIPS go at: