THE SEED - Review


KOKO: Guitars & Vocals
SAMUEL: Guitars


1. To Anyone from Anywhere
2. Master Of Men
3. Antihuman Brigade
4. Dead Seed
5. The Yellow Path
6. All The Dreams Are Torn
7. Emptiness
8. Remorse
9. By My Own
10. The Media Lies
11. Murdering Post
12. Bag Of Fools

THE SEED is a band from Spain and they have their debut album called "From Nowhere To No One".
what a kick ass album!!!
This is an album that more you listen to...more you discover new things! This band are very talent musicians! You guys out there don't want to miss this fantastic album!
Score: 10/10

*** For fans of: Thrash/Death Metal. ***

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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Jessica Leldo - All vocals and vocal arrangements

Hugo Flores - Music, sounds and productions


01. Voyage to Utopia
02. The Weight of The World
03. Inner Station
04. Sonic Sensations
05. The Road Around Saturn
06. Garden of all Seasons
07. Dark Utopia
08. Vacation in Venus
09. Chaotic Order
10. Slow Motion World
11. Destructible Destruction
12. E-Motions
13. Broken
14. The Weight of The World

Factory Of Dreams have a new album out now called:"A Strange Utopia". What Can I say about this new album...Another Hugo Flores masterpiece that is for sure!
IS a really complete album and more fast then the past one! I think that Factory Of Dreams fans will LOVE this new album! Addicted and amazing album with all the ingredients...
Score: 10/10

*** For fans of: symphonic metal gothic with female vocals. ***

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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Poenarian Mist FULL DISCOGRAPHY - New

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Poenarian Mist have their FULL DISCOGRAPHY for FREE Download!!!
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Círculo De Fogo compilation - New

Hello readers!
Círculo De Fogo is a Portuguese webzine that have a compilation out now for download!!!
Here is the information that Luís gave to me:

[metal rock punk hardcore gothic prog]

17 Portuguese bands: Ode Odium, One Hundred Steps, Assassinner, Scar For Life, Neonírico, Headstone, Fantasy Opus, Ervas Daninhas, Pitch Black, Lost Fane, We Are The Damned, Unbridled, GOD, Sacred Sin, The Firstborn, Opus Draconis, Mourning Lenore.

01. ODE ODIUM - Carcavelos | Poetic Teatral Alternative Rock
02. ONE HUNDRED STEPS - Setúbal | Post-Hardcore Screamo Emo Rock
03. ASSASSINNER - Porto | Crossover Hardcore Thrash Metal
04. SCAR FOR LIFE - Lisboa | Melodic Dark Progressive Metal
05. NEONÍRICO - Moreira de Cónegos | Renaissance Rock Metal, Fe|Male Vocals
06. HEADSTONE - Porto | Thrash Metal
07. FANTASY OPUS - Lisboa | Neoclassic Heavy Power Metal
08. ERVAS DANINHAS - Pinhal Novo | Punk Rock
09. PITCH BLACK - Porto | Heavy Artillery Thrash Metal
10. LOST FANE - Viseu | Metal Rock Punk
11. WE ARE THE DAMNED - Lisboa | Psychedelic Rock Death Metal, Female Vocals
12. UNBRIDLED - Viseu | Deathcore
13. GOD - Barreiro | Barbarian Pagan Gothic Folk Viking Metal
14. SACRED SIN - Lisboa | Death Metal
15. THE FIRSTBORN - Lisboa | Buddhist Avantgarde Metal
16. OPUS DRACONIS - Moita | Black Metal
17. MOURNING LENORE - Lisboa | Death Doom Metal

This compilation was made by: Luís Filipe Neves from Círculo De Fogo.

Also, I want to say that Luís is a very cool guy so if you are a band, and are looking for more webzines from Portugal this one is amazing :). He help a lot the bands from my country (Portugal) and maybe he help yours ;). This webzine are one of my partherships with Webzines.
By: Hanna Tsepesh

This are CIRCULO DE FOGO contacts and DOWNLOAD at: