Vocals - Alex
Guitars - Diogo Ferraz

Bruno Siva- Bass
João Dourado - Drums & Orchestrations


1. Echoes of a Tragedy
2. The Wicked Legion

3. The Vision of Divinity
4. The Infernal Pact
5. Through the Rupture of Dimensions

6. The Cursed Promise
7. The Stunning Betrayal

8. The Evil Rising
9. Now a Devil, She Smiles

“Through the rupture of dimensions”, is the first Antichthon debut album and I have to tell you guys, this album kicks ass! I liked a lot of elements that remind me of some old horror and war films.
This young band from Coimbra (Portugal) is a really promising band, and prove that they make music better then many old musicians!
So, keep your eyes and ears very open for Antichthon...

Score: 9/10

*** Fans of: Death Metal/ Ambient / Classical ***
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By: Hanna Tsepesh





1 - The boogeyman
2 - Night stalker
3 - Garnage in the streets of L. A.
4 - Zodiac
5 - Secret graveyard in the garden
6 - House of wüstefeld
7 - The gauldron of the human flesh
8 - Overkill 666
9 - 33 knife thrust for a satanic crime
10 - My mother is a whore
11 - The devile inside
12 - How to become a killer with a granny dress
13 - Bloody ice scream
14 - Symphony of decay
15 - The boogeyman (Remix by SKREW)
16 - Garnage in the streets of L. A. (Remix By Richard Tomas)

"Symphony of decay"m is the new album of OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF.
This album is really interesting, we have a lot elements and some different things to.
For me one of the best albums of this year!

Score: 10/10

*** Fans of: Industrial / Metal / Thrash ***

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By: Hanna Tsepesh