ELYSION - Review

ELYSION - Silent Scream


Christianna – Vocals
Johnny Zero – Guitars, Synths and Programming
FXF – Bass
Petros Fatis – Drums


1- Dreamer
2- Killing My Dreams
3- Never Forever
4- Weakness in your eyes
5- Don't Say A Word
6- The Rules
7- Bleeding
8- Walk Away
9- Loss
10- Far From The Edge
11- Erase Me

Elysion are from Greece and they have a new album called: "Silent Scream".
WOW! what can I say about this wonderful album....
When I listen it in first time, I was speechless!!! What a fantastic album I have in my hands (it was the first thing I thought before I listen more then 5 times).
For sure this album ill be in my Top 10 Of 2010, without ANY doubt! Powerful voice, fantastic atmosphere around all the musics and also the melody's are truly fantastic, is a really masterpiece.
I will don't say nothing more, because I want that YOU out there have a LOT of curiosity, so: BUY THIS ALBUM, and be amazed!
Score: 10/10

*** Fans of: Dark/Goth Metal with female vocals! ***

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Interview with Christianna (vocals) and Johnny Zero (guitarist): Next Month!

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By: Hanna Tsepesh