QANTICE - Review


Vince - Vocals
Tony - Guitars, bass and orchestration
Yosh - Violin
Aurélien - Drums (live)


- John Lang, from Naheulband: Bohdran, Ulean Pipe

- Justine Descamps: Baroque Flute, Oboe

- Dimitri Halby, from O'Brothers: Cross Flute

- Tomaz Boucherifi-Kadiou, from TornaoD: Tin Whisle

- Carole Alcantara, from Oniromancy : Lyrical Voice

- Céline Devraine, from Belyscendre : Lyrical Voice

- Vincent Thévenet, from 1,618: Lyrical Voice

- Cyril Verez: Bass


1. Budding From The Mist
2. Head Over Worlds
3. Pirates
4. Megantrop
5. Ocean Eclipse
6. The Hero That You Need
7. Burial Wave
8. The Question
9. Best In The Well
10. The Least Worst Ending

Fantastic power metal band from France! They present us with a amazing journey into their world! We can find a fantastic elements in this album and more you listen the more you discover! We really can feel in another space of Universe! This is a very talent band with a great future...

Score: 10/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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