Darkside of Innocence - New * Infernum Liberus EST Free Download *

Hello Readers! :)
I have a new about Darkside Of Innocence:
They have the entire album for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
Yes is true...
This is Pedro Statment and you will udnerstand why:

"Dear followers; It's such a pity to inform you that we will no longer release "Infernum Liberus EST". Unfortunately we chose not to edit "Infernum Liberus EST" (at least for now) on a CD format due to the time we took to have this album done.
We thought and decided that "Infernum Liberus EST" is now part of a distant past and that we won't waste much more time promoting it since that's practically. the only thing we've done these last 2 years.
To be precisely and to tell you more about this decision; we've lost a lot of time working on "Infernum Liberus EST", really hard as you know but in the end we realised that we really need to move on since we're now working on a new Album (can't talk much of it right now but I'll soon come with news)!
However and despite of having "Infernum Liberus EST" release cancelled, we will upload the entire "Infernum Liberus EST" album so then, all of you who interest in Darkside of Innocence is important, can download and enjoy the whole album for free.
I would really like to thank all of you, who were going to buy the album but unfortunately that was the best thing to do..."

DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ALBUM, click in here :http://go9.us/p1

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By: Hanna Tsepesh