MINEA - Review


Reijo Tiitinen - Vocals
Hannu Nissinen - Guitar
Janne Karhunen - Guitar
Petri Manninen - Drums
Pekka Nykänen - Bass


1. Sota
2. Anna Sen Tulla Uniin
3. Tässä On Tie
4. Tulessa Kasvaneet
5. Suurin On Rakkautes
6. Ikuisuuteen
7. Mä Ootan Sua
8. Soujaan
9. Valoon
10. Kallioon Juurtunut

Fans of hard rock, keep your eyes and ears open to this fantastic band from Finland!
Though I can't understand the lyrics (they are all in Finnish), I feel a great power in the words of Reijo and also a great work in Minea riffs! For me it was a great discovery...

Score: 9/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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