REVIEW: Luna Obscura

Line Up:

Gogo: Vocals/Orchestral
Aris: Vocals/Words
Dimitris: guitars/ Orchestral/Programming
Stratos: Bass

Track List:

1. Enochian Chant
2. The Burden Of Solitude
3. Oronar
4. Ex Caelis Oblatus
5. Symphony Of Signs
6. Codex Daemonicus 1516
7. Ancient One
8. Waltz Into Darkness
9. Away
10. Dance Of Forsaken Souls
11. 5 Visions

Excellent album! “Feltia” are on my personal top albums, I am very surprised with their talent! We will listen more about LUNA OBSCURA for sure…
Score: 10/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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