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I was making a little research and i found this great new that may please you about Freedom Call at there Website:

"Written by Chris
Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Hi Callers,

the past months we spent our time in our studio and now the time has come for finishing the recordings of the last remaining tracks.

We are totally happy about the result.
Also, we could arrange some specials for you...

For making the symphonical parts sounding authentically, we invited a classical musician for playing some parts by violin.

The working titel of the new album is called "Legend of the shadowking".
The basis of concept is an aristocratic person of the german history in the 19th century, which inspired us in writing lyrics and harmonies.

We are sorry, but the release has to move to end of summer...
We hope the release date will be around august/september 2009.

Beside the production we also take care of live activities for Freedom Call.
There are many ideas and concepts for touring in europa in fall/winter 2009.

Take care & Greeez

Freedom Call"

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