Marina Satti and Leonidas Fasoulas - Vocals and backing vocals
Andreas V - backing vocals, bass, guitar and keyboards
Orestis Diamantaras - keyboards
Themis Thomopoulos - Drums


1. Only a Dream (intro)
2. Spoke Of The Devil
3. Gates Of Hell
4. Goodbye
5. I Belive
6. Flash Of The Crash
7. The Place
8. Last Sunset (Grand Finale)
9. ... Can Kill A Dream (outro)

Floating Worlds are from Greece and have their first Demo Cd called " Only a Dream, Can Kill a Dream...".
Is a very interesting mix of Rock, Melodic Metal and Soundtrack music. One of the best things I love from this Demo CD is the amazing melodies and the voices.
You can't miss this magic CD...so BUY IT NOW!
Score: 9/10

*** For fans of: Rock, Melodic Metal and Soundtrack music. ***

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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