Carole ALCANTARA and Johann CADOT- Vocals
Johann CADOT and Hervé SCHILTZ - Guitar
Tony DECAILLON - Keyboards
Julien PEUCH - Bass
Emeric ARNAUDEAU - Drums


1. Taken away to the Aslylum
2. The Asylum Pyre
3. Laughing with the stars
4. Coral's Riff (Now Hell)
5. Don't Waste ir
6. Love ecstasy
7. Different Sides, sames thoughts
8. Jester Of the power
9. Whispers of the Jester
10. W.W.A.W (Ectrated From Demo 2008)

Asylum Pyre are from France and they have their first album "Natural Instinct?".
I am amazed with the melodies and we really can feel that we are in different World! Great power voices and amazing riffs! Is a really fantastic album that you have to listen ! For sure this band is in here to stay...
Score: 9/10

*** For fans of: Metal / Progressive / Lyrical music. ***

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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