SIMBIOSE and Alien Squad concert - New/Review

Hello readers!
Today I am going to talk about Simbiose and Alien Squad.
In past Friday (9-10-09), I saw this bands in live concert at Bar Alfa in Leiria. It was a excellent concert and I have to tell you that is one of the best concerts that I saw in Leiria!!!! They put a lot of energy on stage, is really incredible! I take a change before this concert begging to talk with Simbiose band and they are really nice people and always very nice to the people who go to talk with them, then I saw Alien Squad doing the same thing and always very nice too. For me it was very important to see the bands that are so close to the public before and after the performance and so kind to those who go to talk to them and don't come with that strange attitude that some of you guys know that some bands "hide" and go to the backstage before and after the shows...this bands is not that "type"! They (Simbiose and Alien Squad) put a fantastic show, where you see people have a lot of fun and making a crazy mosh too (laughs)!
It was a great night, so if you want to repeat this night or you have curiosity to see Simbiose in live show go at their MySpace and see the dates and places. For future informations about Alien Squad make the same thing :).

Also, they have new merch out now!!! So, buy this fantastic new album and some cool T-shirt :)
I already have mine ;)

Note: I would like to wish to the both bands all the best luck/success and send my thanks to Hugo (from Simbiose) for taken some cool pics with my camera!

By: Hanna Tsepesh

Interview with João and Hugo about their new album: Coming very soon :)

Frist interview with João and Hugo:


If you want to see more pics of that night go to THE GATES OF METAL MySpace :)