Marco Piu: Vocals
Tony Rassu: Bass and backing vocals
Andrea Giribaldi: lead guitar and backing vocals
Claudio Sechi: Drums
Gianni Corazza: Lead guitar


1- Sabrewolf
2- The Mark of Betrayal
3- Awakening
4- Endless Line
5- Slave to the Master

Red Warlock have their first promo called "Sabrewolf".
First of all, i was very impressed with their talent, but my big admiration was Marco voice! He have such a passion when he sing that we (listeners) can hear!
I think this band have all that takes to be a very success band in the future and for sure we will listen great things from Red Warlock.
I can't wait to listen what they can do in one album...
Score: 9/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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Interview with Marco Piu: Coming very soon :)