Monica - Vocal
Filippo - Lead Guitar/Growl
Felice - Keyboards
Elia - Rihythm Guitar
Davide - Bass
Pierluigi - Drums


1. Intro the storm
2. Silence
3. Melancholic
4. Dream to believe
5. As you wish
6. My inner damnation

Dark Veneris, have their first work called: "My Inner Damnation".
I discovery in this CD a amazing melody's accompanied with great riffs and 2 voices.
One by Monica and other by Filippo. I think this band have a fantastic future but I only have one little advice for Monica, because she really have good voice but in some parts she can't hold her voice so well, when she put her voice in limit. So, my advice for her is to take some singing lessons because is a shame if she don't learn more to use her voice.
I hope to listen more about Dark Veneris...
If you are big fan of Gothic Metal, check out this band and BUY THEIR CD!!!

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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