Michael Seifert - Vocals

Gerd Lücking - Drums

Uwe Lulis - Guitar

Simone Wenzel - Guitar

Tomi Göttlich - Bass


1. War
2. Arise
3. Asgard
4. Odin
5. Runes
6. Bolverk
7. Thor
8. Evil
9. Loki
10. Prelude
11. Ragnarök
12. Einherjar

REBELLION have a new album out now called "From Ginnungagap to Ragnarök - The History of the Vikings Volume III" and what a album...
Full of amazing riffs by Simone and Uwe with a power voice by Michael and of course i can't forget the amazing work by Tomi and Gerd!
This album is very energetic and the lyrics are very interesting! This album is really FANTASTIC! This band keep surprising their fans more and more! What more can i say? Well, buy the album and see for yourself ;)

Score: 9/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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