NARNIA - Review


German Pascual - Vocals

Andreas Passmark - Bass

Carl Johan Grimmark - Guitars-Keyboards

Andreas Johansson - Drums


1. Sail around the world
2. When the stars are falling
3. Curse of a generation
4. Scared
5. Kings will come
6. Rain
7. Armageddon
8. One way to freedom
9. Miles away
10. Behind the curtain

NARNIA have a new album called "Course of a generation". I simply love it this album i am so addicted, I listen this album more than 2 times per day...really! This album is so energetic and positive that is impossible to dislike this album...
For me the best NARNIA album for sure!!!

Score: 10/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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Interview with Andreas Passmark: Coming very soon ;)