EDAIN - Review


Martin Král - guitar

Zdenek Záhora - bass

Martin Brnovják - vocals

Jirí Stanek - drums

Pavel Jerábek - guitar


1. The Downward Spiral
2. Fragments of Frail Designs
3. Aphrodisiac
4. Eden Lies Obscured
5. Earn Your Pain

EDAIN, have their new CD out now called "Through Thought and Time".
When i got this CD in my hands i didn't know what i expect from their sound and when i start to listen i was VERY surprised with their talent and the different and interesting elements, that they combine with a great voice by Martin Brnovják! For me it was a amazing surprise and i can't wait for what they can do next! Deftly you guys have to buy this great CD...

Score: 8/10

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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