Marcos César – Vocals
Tiago Borges – Bass
João Coelho – Drums
João Maia – Guitars
João Coroa – Guitars
Jon Van Dave - Keyboards


1. Silent Cries
2. Other Side
3. Stand Alone
4. Fly Away
5. Crying
6. Celebrate Nothing
7. Another Day
8. Cold
9. Goodbye/Despair (Pt.1)
(Bonus Track) 10. Celebrate Nothing

What a excellent album!!!!
"Loneliness Still Is The Friend", is a new album from the Portuguese Urban Tales.
IS a really great album with all Gothic Rock ingredients... this band know what they are doing in
the music business.
This album is for Gothic rock/Metal fans and also the other persons who like good music!
Is really addicted album.
I give my congratulations for all the band members for create this amazing album!
I hope to continue to ear more great things about Urban Tales on the future and also keep us (Metal fans from Portugal) proud to have this band with us...

Score: 10/10

*** Fans of: Gothic Rock/ Metal ***

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By: Hanna Tsepesh