AREA51 - Review


Kate- Vocals
Yoichiro- Guitars


1. Introduction ~Naissance~
2. nightmare
3. Regret et larme
4. Begins of Dissolution
5. Marionnette
6. Stillness
7. Miss you
9. Sincerity
10. U·TA·KA·TA

Area51, is from Japan and they are a Neo Classical/Melodic Metal with their new album "Godness".

One of the best albums that I Listen to this year. We have a great voice by Kate, very melodic voice and fast and calm music. What can I say more?! Is a really complete album and this band are in here to stay for keep your ears very open to AREA51!!!
Score: 10/10

*** Fans of: Neo Classical/Melodic Metal ***

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By: Hanna Tsepesh