Hello readers!
I hope you guys are fine.

For several months, THE GATES OF METAL will be in maintenance. So, I will not have interviews and reviews for some months.
The only reason for that is because I want to put new stuff in here and see some mistakes I have, to put this webzine better for you and for the bands.
I really need time to do it because I have almost 200 interviews in here and I dont have free time right now to put all the things I want in here in one day or week.
But, don't worry I will post news and some interviews or review if I see that is really URGENT/IMPORTANT for the bands :)
Also, thanks so much for all the support and the support that you give to the bands and SOON...I will have more interviews, reviews and news ;)
so...keep your eyes very open in this months to see the new stuff!!! (laughs)
By: Hanna Tsepesh

BANDS: If you want reviews or interviews contact me through of MySpace.
Thank you:)