Hello dear readers!
Today I have 2 great news that I want to share.
First I want to talk about SOULRIVER:
Our friend Andherson (Vocalist) informed HELL ON FIRE about they are recording the new album and will call “Thorn Garden”. This is SOULRIVER statement:
"After a great start with their first release "The Dark Path of the Fallen Souls", very well accepted by Brazilian, European and USA media and metal fans, the band SOULRIVER has started the works of their next CD. It will be a conceptual record... "The concept of the CD is something as the degradation of the planet by mankind hands, but not as we're used to learn, or somehow in politic ways, is something far different of any other spoken or ever seen before. Prepare for something unique and full of SOULRIVER's ways to compose!!!" (Andherson NĂ©mer V)
The album will call "THORN GARDEN" and the artist responsible for all the artwork conception is Marcos Schmidtt
And it will have some great special guest appearances yet to be revealed soon!!!
Stand by and... JOIN THE FALLEN SOULS!!!”

To listen some SOULRIVER songs and for future informations go at:

Click in here to read the interview with SOULRIVER!

BY: Hanna Tsepesh